computer lab & internet access


Director Lab for CAD in Architecture
Professor Willi Hasselmann, architect
Located: Haus Bauwesen, rm 347
Phone: +49 30 4504 2582 / 2583
Fax: +49 30 4504 2006
Email: hassel(at)

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University Computer Center
Located: Haus Bauwesen
Phone: +49 30 4504 7777
Fax: +49 30 4504 2774
Email: hrz(at)

Director University Computer Center
Harald Wackernagel
Located: Haus Bauwesen, rm D223
Phone: +49 30 4504 2050

User Administration
Gisela Boa
Located: Haus Bauwesen, rm E38b
Phone: +49 30 4504 2376
Email: boa(at)


the CAD lab is equipped with three lecture facilities each equipped with 20 workstations. The labs cater to the students of architecture offering soft and hardware to get familiar with state of the art tools. The CAD lab can be used during the general opening hours of the buildings. Student’s access requires registration. The student will than hold a chip card that does allow individual and flexible use.

the ars 07 participants will have access to the TFH Berlin on-campus computing facilities and to the CAD lab of the architectural school, including free-of-charge Internet access and access to on-campus printing facilities. Since these computer facilities are always heavily frequented and only available on weekdays, we recommend you bring your own laptop with you. Be aware that you most likely will need an adaptor for you electrical equipment.

please note that in order to use the Wireless Lan service on campus, students need to contact the ars berlin office well in advance, so that the accounts for the participants could be pre-organised.

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